Saturday, November 3, 2007

Written Update For 19 th Oct 2007

The October 19 Show:

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il Champs 2007 International

The show started with clippings of last years grand finale featuring the winner (Sanchita), the first runner up (Diwaker) and the second runner up (Sameer). Followed by a performance of their latest song from Bal Ganesh - an animated movie about the adventures of the young ‘elephant god’ Ganesh - on the same stage as where the grand finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 was held.

Aditya then announced the two judges Suresh Wadkar and Sonu Nigam. Where Suresh tried to keep things simple and just entered the stage like any normal person would, Sonu agreed to do things different. He was brought in sitting and singing like a mermaid in a human sized birdcage that would float over the heads of the audience towards the stage. The whole thing looked so fragile that I feared he would crash and crush some of the cheering kids but he made it to the stage safe and sound. It’s fun to see him back as a judge!

The very first performance was by
Utkarsha from Indore and she sang "Man Saath Samundar Dhol Gaya" from the movie Chameli.

Next up was
Sahil Solanki hailing from Chandigargh, Haryana with “Ae Meri Zoharajabeen” from the movie Phir Hera Pheri.

The third little champ was
Vibhore from New Delhi. Ubercute and singing “Tuhje Lage” from Sonu’s Album Bijuriya.

After the break came
Loria Doshi from Jaipur. "Kay sera" from the movie Pukar was her song for tonight and I have to say, the gal has some volume!

from Delhi was announced as a special child. My guess is that she’s visually impaired. She was singing "Sajna vari vari" from Honeymoon travels Pvt. Ltd.

The next performance just blew me away.
Sukanya from new Delhi teamed up with Diwaker to sing " Piya tu" from the movie Caravan. It was absolutely wonderful to see such a young girl performing this cabaretsong. Diwaker was top notch while singing the famous lines: Monica, oh my darling.

Carrying on.
Aamir Hafeez from Bhopal came on the stage with "Pyaar Ko Mein" from the movie Sheesa. Followed by Rohan preet from Patiyala, Punjab.

Even before the first tunes of "Chakde Vatde" from the movie Koshla ka Ghosla were sung, a senior Sikh in the audience jumped up and danced like no other. It was absolutely hilarious to see. Even more funny was this little toddler behind Rohanpreet, running/dancing so fast that he could not keep up with his own feet.

from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh was next and had a real solid performance with ""Chori Ki Baatein" from the movie Fight Club.

The final three were announced and
Surbhi from Kota Rajastan came on stage with "Seekle" from the movie Munnabhai MBBS.

Another stellar performance was brought to us by
Vaishali from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I have no idea how long she’s been walking on this lovely planet but it can’t be that long. Which makes her rendition of "Yaajre Yaajre" from the movie Rangeela even more impressive. Ankita, Eat your heart out!

The last champ was
Tanmay from Lucknow singing "Jeene ke from" the movie Mujhse Shaadi Karoge.

At the end of the show all the children, the judges and the host came on stage. The kids asked for a performance from their judges and while they were singing a very nice first show ended.


fayyaz said...
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fayyaz said...

this was a dissapointing final. There should have been other people in the final, like MAR HAFEEZ. The winner wasn't the best. The contestant was fix, and i was very diappointing . I think there is discrimination to certain contestants, for EG.there was certain people who should of got the BOOT. i am not even a muslim ,i am indian ,i was depply saddened by the manner it was dealt. all the good singers are out, when it suited (ZEE TV). this is probaly the last time, this should be on. I WONT EVEN WATCH THIS EVER AGAIN, WHAT A JOKE. THERE IS NOT FAiR, THE WAY PEOPLE WENT OUT AND ALOT OF PEOPLE WOULD AGREE WITH ME.