Monday, November 26, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il Champs Mentors

Sonu Nigam

In a short span of time, Sonu Nigam has managed to capture the ears of the world with his soothing voice. Not only has he entertained millions with his playback singing, but he has captivated hearts with his pop and religious albums.

A gifted talent, Sonu Nigam started his career at three by accompanying his singer-father on stage. He moved to Mumbai at the age of 18 where he started his struggle to be a playback singer.

After singing for a few films, he came into the spotlight as the host of the popular TV show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. This catapulted him into instant success and h e is now one of the most sought after singers in the film indu stry. His unique singing talent has been awarded with many film awards and honors.

Suresh Wadekar

One of India's most noted singers, Suresh Wadkar is blessed with an exceptional voice that easily straddles both Hindustani Classical Music and contemporary Hindi Film Music.

Suresh Wadkar has was trained and groomed in Hindustani Classical Music, but winning a prestigious singing competition, led to his first assignment in a Hindi movie. He has impressed none other than Lata Mangeshkar with his honey-sweet voice.

Besides working with the best Hindi and Marathi Film music c

omposers, Suresh Wadkar has also stayed true to his roots and made his mark in Hindustani Classical Music. He has recorded many classical and religious albums where he has collaborated with many musical greats.

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Jagdish said...

i am from malaysia and love the show l'il champs and i felt in this 2007 season of l'il champs judges Sonu and Suresh are not the right judges they are buyers and i see discrimination towards Rohanpreet who is singing very well especially in the mela episode both the judges gave him B+, NOT FAIR AT ALL. the blind girl sang horrible but got good grade, what is this? sympathy grading or what? lousy judges. not fair. the public is doing a better job by keeping Rohanpreet.