Monday, November 26, 2007

Loria Dhoshi

Loria Dhoshi

About Me

Name: Loria Dhoshi
D.O.B: 17 th November
Class: 12th pass (world record 10th pass at the age of 8 1/2)
School’s Name: Gandhi Nager Girls school
Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan
First Time Started Singing At The Age Of: ----------------
First Time Stage Appearance: ----------------
Who Inspired You? Parents
Support Of Parents: Yes
Support From School: Yes
Who In Particular? Singing
In Studies, Good / Average / Poor? Good
Entry In Little Champs, Tough Or Easy? Tough
Everyday Practice (In Hours): 2 hrs daily
Guru’s Name: -----------
Learning What Kind Of Music? -----------
Where & How You Learnt About Little Champs? On ZEE TV
What Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Has Given You? Confidence and stage


Father’s Name: Mr. Ramendra Dhosi
Profession: ----------------
Mother’s Name: Rekha Dhosi
Profession: -----------------
Brothers’ Names: Vishnu Dhosi
Sisters’ Names: -----------------


Favourite Song: All songs
Favourite Singer (male): Sonu Nigam
Favourite Singer (female): Jasbindar Narula
Favourite Actor: Salman Khan, Hritik Roshan, Sharukh Khan
Favourite Actress: ---------
Favourite Movie: --------
Favourite Sports: --------
Favourite Dish: -----------
Favourite Sweet: ---------
What You Love The Most? ----------
What You Hate The Most? Over confident person
Funny Incident in your Life:

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sujoy said...

Mr. Ramendra Dhosi and especially to many other guardians like him who doesn't ever want to see their kids loosing at any ground of life:
I, like many other viewers, was shocked to see your desperate attempt to make Loria among the top two in the "Bramhastra Round". True that it was a reality show where vote does matter, true that its all about business, true that winning this show may give someone some kind of break in his/her life. But do you really think that’s all about life and that’s all about singing? At the end of the day it does not matter whether one is champion in a reality show. If one can sing, he/she can do that irrespect of the outcome. If you want to make your kid a true singer let him/her learn that skill to its supreme, as long as she enjoys, and not make desperate attempts to win competitions. The same philosophy is valid in every square of life. Let your kid enjoy being a kid without haunting him/her winning races. I wish Loria a beautiful teenage, as beautiful she is, with no pressure of winning.