Monday, November 26, 2007

Tanmay Chaturvedi

Tanmay Chaturvedi

About Me

Name: Tanmay Chaturvedi
D.O.B: 11 th November
Class: VI th
School’s Name: Kendriya Vidyalaya
Place: Lucknow
First Time Started Singing At The Age Of: One and a half year
First Time Stage Appearance: At the age of five, I started giving stage performance
Who Inspired You? I have been God gifted with the talent
Support Of Parents: They support me in everything that I wish from them
Support From School: Yes, it has been a wonderful support from my school
Who In Particular? -------
In Studies, Good / Average / Poor? I am an average student of my class
Entry In Little Champs, Tough Or Easy? It was tough but I am happy I was selected
Everyday Practice (In Hours): Five hours
Guru’s Name: I have not had any training from any guru
Learning What Kind Of Music? -------
Where & How You Learnt About Little Champs? ZEE TV
What Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Has Given You? Everything!


Father’s Name: Rajiv Chaturvedi
Profession: Manager
Mother’s Name: Anjali Chaturvedi
Profession: Housewife
Brothers’ Names: None
Sisters’ Names: Tanshi Chaturvedi


Favourite Song: ‘Madhuban mein Radhika nache re…
Favourite Singer (male): Md. Rafi & Sonu Nigam
Favourite Singer (female): Lata Mangeshkar
Favourite Actor: Hrithik Roshan
Favourite Actress: Aishwarya Rai
Favourite Movie: Heyy Baby & KOI MIL GAYA
Favourite Sports: Cricket
Favourite Dish: Noodles and I love Uncle Chips
Favourite Sweet: Kajju Katli
What You Love The Most? I just love to sing all the time
What You Hate The Most? I hate people who lie
Funny Incident in your Life: ----------


ekta said...

hi tanmay u r so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee and so sweet and ur voice is very nice and i love u

shweta said...

Dear Tanmay

dont worry about anything....god is with u....u deserved to win dear...the judges are with u...i really find ur sister so cute and sweet....u have a very decent family and u r in the hands of the best judges ever....i love the way u talk to people and u r so nice and full of good manners...hats off to ur mom.....keep up the good work sweetie...U HAVE MY VOTE! but sing well and listen to judges always ...they r the gurus....god bless u and again i am saying u won by pure talent....aap bohut innocent ho aur laaajawaaab ho ....i want to buy ur hair shocking gel and darkness smiling and remember that:
"the truth always wins"
every form of god be it :allah,jesus,guru nanak or sri ram or The Divine Mother support the truth and no matter how hard some people try to cheat and win they wont suceed as these powers start working against them.

Taruna said...

Hi Tanmay. You have a good voice. I am aradio presenter in Melbourne Australia. please give me your tel no so that I can talk to you. ....Taruna

Araf said...

Hey Tanmay,

You've got a great amount of talent and a nice personality. I wish you all the best and inshallah you will become the star you want to be. Just remember to try your very best and make every attempt an honest one. If you want something bad enough the whole world will try and help you achieve it! Good luck, you're an inspiration to me. ^_^

senet said...

who don't love you dear
i wish to see you one day befor i die
ever loving Sri lankan guy
Senet Udugama

Tharindu said...

Are you alive? in here there is news about you like that

Chamali said...

Hi Little Handsome, Hw? U r the Best little singer which i saw. All the Best and send me a even an one word,because there is a bad news about you.Pls contact us, im haveesha from Sri Lanka.

Hemant said...

Tanmy I have meet to you in jaipur(bapu bazar)i have also talk with u dated 20/05/2009, i have glad to meet you,

You r so cute

wendy said...

Hello Tanmay!
How are u fairing?
Are u still singing?
Wish u all the best. Which is your next programme
God Bless
Granma Wendy

wendy said...

Hello Tanmay!
How are u fairing?
Are u still singing?
Wish u all the best. Which is your next programme
God Bless
Granma Wendy

ruwan blog said...

Tanmay Ji. I am Ruwan Kumara. From Sri Lanka. you have a good voice & very sweet sound. my congratulation. Bye

carltonharri said...

Wish you all the best special wishes coming from Sri Lanka harri

tanmay chaturvedi said...

Hey its me tanmay Chaturvedi after finding such a good msgs for me,i m,replying uh

thanks really thnks for ur blessing uh give me

and yaaa giving uh my,contact number,so,u can,col me

09936633707 ,09005803119