Monday, February 18, 2008

Uproar on the sets of SRGMP after elimination

With the Grand Finale of SaReGaMaPa drawing close everyone wait with baited breath to know about the elimination. But this week’s elimination on SaReGaMaPa saw a big hue and cry over the elimination. It was AAamir Hafiz who got eliminated this week and his family members present on the sets created such a ruckus that all hell broke loose. Pleas from Aditya and the judges all fell on deaf ears. The celebrity judge Amjad Ali Khanji too told him that the matter laid entirely at the discretion of the judges and he was no one to question that. Even poor AAamir's pleas were disregarded. The matter reached such a stage where the shoot was on the verge of cancellation when AAamir was pulled down by them from the stage and made a walk out.

On asking AAamir’s brother, he too confirmed the incident and gave his reason for the act. “Yes we people don’t accept the elimination because AAamir was a very good singer and he was always on the top and everyone knows that he is better than Tanmay and Rohanpreet. I think they cheated us. The voting pattern is wrong. Each and every family member and even my friend's would daily send 100 voting message to Aamir, so how can he loose. The channel has played a nice game on us,” was Aamir’s brother’s reply. On asking who is to be blamed for the elimination, the Judges or the Voting pattern Aamir’s brother made it very clear that Judges had no role to play here. “The elimination was not in the hand of the Judges. The channel is fully responsible for the elimination. They cheated us,” retorted his brother.

Aamir himself was quite upset and shocked with the elimination. His family members are yet to decide if now he’ll carry on with the tour Zee as planned for these Lil Champs.


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The Editor in Chief,
The Hindu,

Dear Sir,

SA RE GA MA PA – Li’l Champs – Zee TV

I hereby request you to kindly find some space in your columns to publish these comments in respect of the above, notable and celebrated programme.

Although I am from Sri Lanka, my wife and I have a very strong affinity and a great love for children, irrespective of country, race, religion, caste or creed. When the five finalists were chosen, I wrote to the management of Zee TV intimating our anxiety and concern for the lovely extremely talented little children, stating that we cannot bear to see any more eliminations but just add on another 5 Lakhs to the Grand Prize of 45 Lakhs, make it 50 Lakhs and distribute 10 Lakhs each or even something a little more to the one who will be declared the final winner, by the voting, but no eliminations.

My wife and I who make it a point to watch this programme, cried our hearts out when we found that specially talented little beauty, Vasundhara, with a powerful haunting voice, was subject to the process of elimination. It was heart rending.

Now, this week, we witnessed something that was indeed devastating. Before I wrote to the management I checked their Zee TV – Li’l Champs message board on the website and I found so many wonderful people, who too like us, had made positive comments on this weeks programme, which, we felt, had been anathema to the Management of Zee TV. Because, one moment I saw these comments and the next moment, the comments were missing from the message board. One such comment which caught my eye, was a very long one and I was amazed to see it was from Sri Lanka and I thought we were the only family who had been watching and want to comment on the programme. However, before this wonderful write-up went missing, I quickly copied this from the website. It read:
Quote : “To all concerned:
We do not know what to say, but what I have seen in your competition programmes is that you people have some sort of specialty in destroying something that was built up in a wonderful manner. Filling a pot with honey and adding a drop of poison at the end.

This Thursday's programme was totally unjust in the sense that you did something which you did not do in other weeks. Normally, You choose the top three and those who received the lowest number of votes are subject to people's voting and one is being eliminated - that was what you have been doing all along -
Why is it that this Friday, inspite of the fact that after chosing Amir Hafiz in the top three category, where he was placed third - you all did something totally unjust?

Suddenly you decided to get some international votes - or substitute a second level of voting to push one of them out. Amir Hafiz had already been declared third - and you did the worst thing that you could ever have done in destroying all the goodwill and integrity that you built up.

What you should have done was chosen only the top two and then subject the bottom two for a further test, voting and elimination - then you would not have faced any trouble.
But after choosing the top three you went in for the test, voting and elimination - which is totally unacceptable by any standards.
We in Sri Lanka, feel that you have all done great injustice to Amir Hafiz. Not that we have any animosity against the little chap Thanmay. We adored him and we loved him.
What you could have done was had a little bit more feeling towards these children. Especially the little girl Vasundhara - who had a visual impairment/impediment. You could have taken the final five and divided the prize money equally among all five. Please do not do this type of stupid things in the future.
The whole world knows that you have done wrong.
I was also amazed at Aditya Narayan. He made a wrong statement. He said to Amir's family: "So long as your son was winning you found everything correct but now since he lost you found us doing wrong." What he did not say was that on the fateful day, they did something unusual inspite of the fact that Amir was placed on the top three category.

The other biggest mistake you did was, when Anamika created a problem a couple of weeks back; A problem that nearly destroyed the programme - saying that if she loses she feared that her father might get a heart attack. She was not even willing to listen to the judges. And all of you, including judges were pleading with her to come back.
You even filmed her friends and viewers pleading her to come back and everyone behaved as though she is the only one who had a father, who might get a heart attack and other children have no parents - When she should have been disqualified for creating such a mess.
And she is the oldest of the lot. She is the one who tried to get sympathy and sometime back, when Smita Nandi, made a remark that she had a bad throat, the judges tried to class her as trying to get sympathy and she was marked for elimination - that's what we viewers saw and felt. I also saw a posting on Smita, saying that Zee TV tried to cover it up by giving her some singing ‘contracts’.

But we found that the real person who was trying to get real sympathy was none other than Anamika - If this had been done by any other contestant what would you have done? Is there some sort of sinister design behind all this?

I was also shocked to hear Sonu Nigam saying that how Hafiz had earned enough money on this programme - we thought that was a very cheap remark by a judge - (my comments: pinpointing a childs poverty stricken state – abominable indeed.)
Hafiz did not make any mistake for you people to make such a rude, unkind and filthy remark - in every sense. He behaved very gentlemanly although a little boy. So we know, why the world is in turmoil. It is all because of INJUSTICE - in capitals.
Greatly disappointed

We all totally agree with this comment, which was conveniently expunged from the message board of Zee Tv website. We also felt what a great damage Zee Tv has caused to the psyche of these adorable and talented little children.

We still feel, it is not too late to rectify the issue. Get all the five back – which included Vasundhara and Amir Hafiz – give them the opportunity to perform and give the winner the 15 lakhs as promised but provide at least 10 lakhs each to the other 4 contestants. Eliminating I feel is a harsh word meaning ‘to do away with’, ‘destroy’, or ‘annihilate’, ‘get rid of’; which do not apply to children at all.

I sincerely trust, that you would sympathize as well as empathize with those children who had been ‘eliminated’ and publish this in your esteemed newspaper.

Thanking you for your very kind co-operation,
Yours truly

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I have inadvertently given the Telephone No as 00 91 11 2586627. It should read: 00 94 11 2586627