Friday, February 1, 2008

01 Feb 2008 Watch Online / download links

01 Feb 2008 Watch Online / download links

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zain said...

I think they sould stick with the rule the have i mean if any of those top threee get eliminated i will be upset so i think that
Vasundra,, she sould have let long long long time ago when ROHIT left
i think that vibhre and rohit were not suppose to get eliminated

Ameer said...

hello! my name is saad and i like amir hafeez and i want to say something that me and my family luv amir hafiz if he eliminated then sare ga ma pa is not a good if amir eliminated plz for me

Ameer said...

amir hafiz let him top 2 plz

nile said...

hello sare ga ma pa my name is nile dar and i am from london so i like amir hafiz he is best if he is eliminated so i am so upset