Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rohanpreet Singh

Rohanpreet Singh
Rohanpreet Singh

Born in Punjab, Rohanpreet received encouragement and motivation from dad at an early age of three and a half to take up classical singing. Rohanpreet’s uncle is a classical singer himself, which motivated Rohanpreet to no end.

His school principal has also supported him immensely and Rohanpreet is keen to make his school proud by winning the competition. A nervous Rohanpreet started the proceedings of the show and sang ‘Pyaar main dil pe’ to a great applause from the audience and some kind words of advice from Ashaji for the RD Burman special.


Sachvinder said...

hey kida sat sri akal right now io am speking from America but i will always watch your show and i hope you beat this challenge. Tell your father that i said sat sri akal okk.. and my name is sachvinder kaur i am also from punjab. I am from phagwara and chandigarah but was born in america. You can email me back at See you on tv. Wish you all the best. okkiez got to go. BYEEE!!

King of all kings said...

Hi Rohanpreet,
my name is Joravar Singh Panesar.I am from Australia.You are a very good singer and remeber 1 thing you will win because'PUNJABIAN DI SHAN BHAKHARI'.Any way my family and i watch your show and think that you will win.So have fun and remember that you are famous world wide.

From Joravar

Kavita said...

Sat Sri Akal Rohanpreet! My name is Kavita Grewal. My family thinks you are the best singer in the show. When we come to India my mom wants to meet you. We live in Chicago, IL from America. If you come to Chicago you can visit us. Our pind is Dadheri in Punjab India. We are very proud of you because you are upholding the honor and respect of Punjabis world wide. Thank you very much and we wish you the best of luck and Chardi Kala.

parminder said...

Pyar to bhi pyari sat siri akal.I'm Parminder Kaur from uk, always watch you singing on zee, you are a born star,an excellent personality,unique voice. well done Beta!!for making all the punjabis proud of you, from all around the world.You are fine example of S.KARTAR SINGH SARABHA AND S. BHAGAT SINGH. WE ALWAYS PRAY TO VAHEGURU FOR YOUR SUCCESS AS YOU DESERVE IT.wish every punjab da puttar is like you Rohan.Keep it up.
when we come to india we would like to meet you and your parents too,it is a promise.GOD BLESS YOU.
lots of love...auntie Parminder

eshwin said...

hi rohanpreet singh ji sat sriakal i m very big fan of urs, god bless u may god bless u with lil champs winner number 1

Remembah said...

u r gonna win.............. jus work hard..... n god bless...just believe in yourswelf you can do it... even if you cant win.. remembah there are millions of viewers seeing you across the are already a star but remembah one thing

mann neeva matt ucchi....