Saturday, December 22, 2007

Episode 20-December 22, 2007

Episode 20

December 22, 2007

Saturday’s episode had superstar supermom superhot Karisma Kapoor as the celebrity judge and you can imagine the excitement among the L’il Champ contestants, audience and resident judges! Host Aditya and the contestants opened the episode in style singing famous Lolo hits.

The theme for this episode was “Christmas Eve” and all the participants were dressed as cute L’il Santas, who kept on giving Lolo surprise gifts during the show! Guess what naughty li’l Vibhor did? He went down on one knee and told Lolo he loved her! Aaj kal ke bachche! Lolo was flattered and she sportingly replied, “I love you, too!” Guess that made Vibhor’s day.

Lolo totally enjoyed the masti-filled evening with performances of popular hit songs like Chali Chali, Rafta Rafta Ho Gaya and Mind BLoeing Mahiya. She also took the stage herself and danced to her hits Poocho Zara Poocho and Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara.

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