Saturday, March 1, 2008

01 Mar 2008 Watch Online / download links - GRAND FINAL VIDEOS

01 Mar 2008 Watch Online / download links - GRAND FINAL VIDEOS

peace Anamika Choudhury, the SRGMP L'il Champ!! peace

After months of hard work, struggle and great performances, Mariayani Assam's Anamika Choudhury can now breathe a sigh of relief. Today she culminated her journey of L'il Champs in a grand way and walked away with the winners’ title and Trophy.

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Congratulation to Anamika

Anamika Fans Can wish them here

And One last Question Are u Happy With the Result ?

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Navi77 said...

im not happy with the result at all.. an=namika does not deserve being first.. Rohanpreet singh shud be in first.. then tanmay n then anamika..the only reason she won is cuz she said she was gonna quit n so people voted for her.. rohan is the real winner... i love u rohan... lol

Debalina said...

Anamiks is the best one among three, she deserves it.

Taif said...

Actually in terms of the quality, Anamika was well deserving. However she got the advantage in age. She was elder then rest 2 kids. At the same time, it was a set game to some extent.

nisha said...

Although Anamika has won...Tanmay deserves to be first.Anamika won because she is the oldest and she was about to quit.However,Tanmay never gave up just because he was the youngest.Singing is about having a good time and not to give up.Tanmay has shown this message all over the globe.Anamika was about to give up.How does that show self-confidence?Anyways,Iam disappointed in the results and I think Tanmay deserves fist place....Tanmay keep rockin'...LOL

Shan Shameem said...

Tanmay is the best performer in the Lil Champs. Anamaika is nothng compared to her. i really enjoy it when Tanmay sings. he rocks. he needs to be the number 1. Tanmay, its the biased votes from the public.. but to tell you the truth.... you rock.. and you will be one of the best singers in the coming years

Mahsin said...

well im was on anamika's side and i wanted her to win but i think that rohanpreet is cute so i had a aprob didciding but i think rohanpreet deserved second ut he still sings well

Mahsin said...

first of all ANAMIKA is not the oldest she sis 12 and 6 months and tanmay is 12 and 2 months and last ly ROHAN is 13 years old so apperantly ROHAN is the oldest not anamika.

pragyan said...

well guyz...wer talkin about a reality show where winner is decided based upon his/her quality of is no question of who looked cute who looked sweet..dats all bullshit..n..Anamika is nothing compared to Tanmay?? dat so??..den go listen to Anamika performing 'mahiya mahiya' n 'pyar to hona hi tha'..u vl know wat a powerhouse of talent she offence to Tanmay..hez a great singer..he has a bright future dis competition..for the time being..Anamika was way way better than all other participants..

peace out :)

n yea...i m d happiest person on earth to see Anamika win..:)

samya said...

i totallly agree with pragyan. among all who have commented here, only pragyan understood the real situation. and all dese abou anamika won coz she's older..z jus rubbish.she won bcoz she deserved it.i really think da decision was correct.rohan deserves 2 b 2nd, and tanmay 3rd.if you still doubt da decision about anamika , i suggest u 2 go n watch da videos .AB KE SAWAN, KUHU KUHU BOLE, MAHIYA MAHIYA,SURAJ KAB DOOR...Anythng, any vdo den u'll see y she deserves 2 b da best...

GUDDU said...